Civil War in NE North Carolina

Burnside's Expedition and beyond

What would you like to see at the Museum of the Albemarle's Civil War exhibit?

The Civil War exhibit now displayed at the State Museum is scheduled to move to MOA. (I'm not sure as to the timetable.) The collection is sadly lacking in artifacts from the northeastern part of the state. If you know of artifacts that could be used in the exhibit, post something HERE. Don Pendergraft of MOA is a member and is interested in your input.


Of course, the Appomattox artifacts will be in the exhibit, as will the cannon carriage from the Black Warrior. The canton of the 8th NC's flag will be there also, thanks to the generousity of Peter Rascoe's family.


I would like to see the flags of the Ellis, Sea Bird, and Curlew on display together. The Ellis' flag is at the naval academy, the Sea Bird's flag is in storage at the Museum of the Confederacy, and the Curlew's flag is in the hands of a collector in Michigan.


Any other ideas?

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Don William Pendergraft said… Hi Bruce and Friends, I'm hoping to use this forum in the development of the Civil War exhibit for the Albemarle region. The Museum of the Albemarle will open the exhibit in early 2012 through 2015. We are planning to entertain as well as educate visitors and students to the history of the antebellum, war, occupation of region, homefront, aftermath, and in-memorial, as it happened in the 13 counties of the region during the Civil War. We will be seeking help in this pursuit and C/W scholars to help us flesh-out the exhibit.
Hey, I let them down in this exhibit thing. I should have been a big part, would have liked to do it, but things got hairy at work - real busy. In addition since then I have lost and now must train two positions - good news they both got promoted but it makes it tough on me for a while. Hence also my lack of postings here.

It is a shame because you all know the wealth of material that is neNC in the Civil War. I am sure they will put together a great display. With any luck I might be able to contribute but I am pretty involved with the Sesquicentennial planning at the Archives.

Best, Chris



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