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Hello Fellow Civil War fans,

In Robert Elliott's book about his Tarheel Confederate (published in the 1990s) he has several pages regarding the WF Martin Camp - pictures, copy of a condolence card, etc.

He also includes several images from a notebook about the Camp - in a footnote it is called the WF Martin log book.

Evidently in 1975 the Museum of the Albemarle had that log book.  It may have been on loan.  They have not located it at this time (but are continuing to check for me).

I am in the research stage of a possible project involving the Camp.  Anyone have any ideas where that log book might be living these days?


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Chris, have you contacted Bob Elliott concerning the book? He may have an idea where it is since he used it.
No sir, I have not. Did not know if he was living or how to locate him!
Bob lives in Halifax County if memory serves me correctly. Harry Thompson might know how to contact him.
Bob Elliott died Christmas Eve of 2009.
The records that were housed at the Museum of the Albemarle have been found by Wanda Stiles. The photos of the memorial pages are located in the albums section.
I have found a photo of some of the veterans posing beside the courthouse on 10 May 1911. Eleven men appear to be wearing UCV uniforms.

After Wanda located them, I think I photographed the pages. There is information on the origins of the camp at the new Camden Heritage Museum in Billie Forehand's folders.



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