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Re-enactors at Plymouth April 22nd

Port -o Plymouth museum held its 27th Civil War Living History Day on April 21-23. Oldest re-enactment in NE North Carolina and last one standing/.…


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Battle of South Mills anniversary

Wednesday, April 19, 2017, will be the 155th anniversary of the Battle of South Mills, aka the Battle of Sawyer's Lane in the South and the Battle of Camden in the North. In honor of the anniversary, I began a new blog - Sawyer's Lane: the battle of South Mills blog that includes information not available on my webpage Battle of South Mills.. Has it been 155…


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Rare Archer bolt found on South Mills battlefield

Charles McDonald discovered a rare Confederate Archer bolt on the South Mills battlefield back on February 18th. Archer bolts were early Civil War ordinance. Production was discontinued in 1862. (The battle was fought on 19 April 1862.)

The bolt had to have been fired from the rifled 6-pounder cannon…


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Work proceeds on new Camden County Museum

Work progresses on the new Camden County Museum thanks to the efforts of Brian Forehand, Alex Leary, Anne Jennings, and others. Charles McDonald and I started setting up the Battle of South Mills display case on February 16th.…


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Since NING hasn't killed me off yet...

I'll start adding some recent content. It has been one year since the Museum of the Albemarle discontinued the annual Civil War Living History Day. There is some talk of starting something similar in Camden to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of South Mills once the new county museum is up and running.

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Breaking news from Ning

Latest posts from The Ning Team:

"We’re happy to report that we have a bit more information we can now share publicly with you.  While Cyndx LLC took over Ning operations last week, they were ultimately outbid by another company, which has entered into an agreement with Mode Media to acquire Ning."

"Since coming under new management, we’ve spent time reviewing all the feedback you’ve given us about …


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This from Wallace Abernethy

Then and now...very interesting

Here are twelve phenomenal photographs from the Civil War era, superimposed with photographs of the same scenes as they appear today.  Photos #1 (Antietam); #3 (Slave Auction House); #6 (Devil’s Den); #7 (Evergreen Cemetery); #9 (US Capitol); and #10 (Ford’s…


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Any interest among presenters and re-enactors?

Is there any interest among presenters and re-enactors in organizing a living history day in Camden featuring the Battle of South Mills? Over 300 attended a lecture at MOA a few years ago and around 100 paid for a bus tour of the route they followed. Brochures created for the event are available at the Visitor's Center on US 17 north of South Mills.

The Camden County commissioners approved the creation of a county museum 2-3 years ago and room was set aside for it when the old fire…


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MOA Living History Day

Attendance at the Feb. 20th Living History Day at the Museum of the Albemarle was disappointing. The estimate among the displayers was 300-400 attended the show. Members of this board present included Charles McDonald, Philip Madre, Jerry Roxbury, Larry Floyd , Wanda Lassiter, Adam Parker, Ray Etheridge, and Mike Ross. Larry was set up in the spot normally occupied by Walter White. He had a nice tribute to Walter on his display table.

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The Battle of Roanoke Island book sales

In talking to Mike Zatarga at his book signing during the Museum of the Albemarle's last annual Living History Day on Feb. 20th, I learned he has sold in excess of 2000 books thus far. Not bad! It has been on the market less than a year. It is available at the History Press (online), the Museum of the Albemarle gift shop, and the History Center Gift Shop at Manteo's Festival Park.

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Are Civil War LIving History Days a thing of the past?

There used to be Civil War Living History Days at Festival Park in Manteo, the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City, in Currituck County, at Hatteras, and in Plymouth. The one at Manteo died about three years ago, Currituck is having problems finding a venue, MOA plans for the 2016 event to be their last, and who knows how long the Plymouth event will last without Harry as a driving force. Publishers churned out a glut of Civil War titles to cash in on the Sesquicentennial. Has the…


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Another Civil War Living History Day bites the dust

This from Charlotte Patterson at the Museum of the Albemarle:

Greetings everyone,

All of us at MOA were sadden by the news of the passing of Walter White.  He was a wonderful friend of the museum, its exhibits and its programs.  He will be missed at the upcoming Civil War Living History.  If you haven’t read his obituary the link is:…


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William F. Martin UCV Post members in 1911

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More sad news

A second member of this board has died:

Walter Credle White, September 1, 1936 - October 23, 2015

Walter Credle White of Colerain, NC passed away on Friday morning October 23, 2015. Walter was born on Sept 1, 1936 to Mary and James White. He is survived by his loving wife, Joyce; his brother, James; his sons, Walt and his wife, Sonja and Wilson and his fiancee, Cindy; his extended family, Kay Edwards and Albert Colwell and his grandchildren, Steven, Spencer, Matt,…


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Sad news

I received the following sad news this week. One of our members has died: Terrence "Terry" Foenander. Terry was well known for his efforts to identify every sailor and marine that served in the Confederate Navy during the Civil War. Chris Foenander sent me this message: "Terry passed away on the 13th of September due to complications following a triple heart bypass." He will be greatly missed.

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Local officer escaped from the Maple Leaf

2nd Lt. W.A. Mebane of Co. F, 27th NC State Troops, escaped from the Maple Leaf on 10 June 1863 with 69 other officers bound for Fort Delaware. Mebane was from Woodville, NC, and enlisted in Hertford. He was captured 4 January 1863 in Bertie County. Mebane was recaptured during the fighting at Bristol Station, VA, on 14 October 1863, four months after his escape. He was shipped via Old Capitol Prison in Washington, DC, to Johnson's Island in Lake Erie where he remained until released after…


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Maple Leaf, Chapter Two: Capture

Wednesday, June 10 – Morse gives the details of the Fort Norfolk prisoners embarking on the Maple Leaf: “Lieut. Dorsey and escort, of the 3d Pennsylvania artillery, went ashore at daylight to report to Major Weidman, of the 173d Pennsylvania, commander of this post. Major W. was a chum of mine at Princeton, and hearing of my presence on board, sent a basket of substantials and a little ‘old Gi ard,’ from which I made the first square meal since we left the Cahawba. At ten o’clock ran up to…


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Maple Leaf escapees' routes - Part 2 (revised)

When the Maple Leaf captors went ashore off False Cape, VA, their first thought after electing leaders was to determine where they were. Spying a light on a low island nearby, two waded through the shallow water towards the light. It was a house located on Long Island. It wasn't just any house; it was the house of Major Edgar Burroughs on Long Island. Burroughs had been resigned his commission in the Confederate army due to illness and returned to his home on Long Island in Princess Anne,…


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The Maple Leaf escapees' routes to Richmond - Part 1

The officers left the Maple Leaf around False Cape in Virginia Beach. They passed a house and the woman living there, whose husband was an absent Confederate soldier, told them how to escape. This was Major Edgar Burroughs’ house on Long Island. On the way south down the beach, they ran into the McHorney brothers of Coinjock at Deal Island. (The McHorney’s were probably there to smuggle salt.) Benjamin F. McHorney had served on the CSS Raleigh in 1861 and 1862.

Benjamin McHorney…


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Diagram of Fort Oregon

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Books writtenby site members

Mike Zatarga's new book The Battle of Roanoke Island (top) is out from The History Press..The Museum of the Albemarle has copies in stock.

Jim Gaddis has a new book out as well. Richard Gatlin and the Confederate Defense of Eastern North Carolina is available at and as well as at a couple of bookstores in the Elizabeth City area:

Page After Page, Eliz. City, NC

Museum of the Albemarle

Robert Smith's book The History of Fort Ocracoke in Pamlico Sound from The History Press is currently available as well. The Museum of the Albemarle has copies in stock.

It looks like there are a plenty of new reads for Civil War buffs in northeastern North Carolina!


From last summer

Lee Oxford's book is also for sale online,  in area bookstores, and at local museums

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