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Civil Authority in Elizabeth City during the war

Civil authority remained in control of the city, with a few hiccups, until February 1863.

The Federal attack and occupation on February 9, 1862 was short lived.  By Feb 14th Confederate forces were back in the city itself, Union forces having withdrawn.  Although elements of the civil authority fled before the fighting on February 9th 1862, the civil government remained in charge of the town - neither the federal or Confederate forces declared a martial law.

Confederate forces…


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Finally found a group of possible living relatives of a USCT and GAR guy

I have been trying to find living people who had a USCT or African American soldier or sailor as an ancestor.  Doing reverse genealogy is not as easy as genealogy (genealogy goes from what you know backward to the next earlier generation - reverse genealogy takes a historical figure and tries to find kids, grand kids, etc.).


I have found a group of descendants for Riley G. Lee, Co. F, 35th USCT.

Riley G. Lee marries Sarah A. Harris circa…


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Where was Lawrence's Shipyard and what is the steamer "Smith?"

Hey Folks,


Found a mystery - to me anyways.  And I thought I would share and perhaps someone (hint to you Bruce) might inform me.

Elizabeth City, The North Carolinian, Wednesday, December 15th, 1875

Local and Personal.

Lawrence & Son have employed the services of John Fair, a Diver from Portsmouth, to recover rollers, chains, etc., that had “gone down” at their Ship Yard.  During his submarine explorations last week he discovered a…


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Tewksbury uncovered

If you read through two of the major reports on Edward Wild's raid through northeastern NC (New York Times article and Wild's report - a third major article is the report issued by the Confederate Congress on their investigation into charges filed in the wake of the raid) you can piece together the identity of "Tewksbury," the writer of the New York article.


From Tewksbury newspaper article:

the correspondent of the times as bearer of…


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GAR post 1902-03 proceedings/ report

I went to Dook University in Durham and found only the one year for Department VA/ NC GAR (1902-03).  I also found annual reports for the whole GAR - not useful really except the reports I copied from various years.  1903 is when the local Elizabeth City paper stops reporting on Fletcher Post annual Emancipation Day and Memorial (Decorating) Day events.  Its hard to know at this point if the Fletcher Post is one of the many posts that vanish from the Department in the next few years (60 down to… Continue

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You Missed Out



If you did not go to the MOA last Saturday you missed out.  Bruce, Charles, Alex and I were in rare form, rare form indeed.  We spent most of the day knocking o graves and waiting on that damned old buffalo soldier to say nothing.  And sure enough, he said nothing all day long.


If I were you I would not miss next year for a wheel barrel full of wooden nickles.


I had a blast and I appreciated being around all of those who know such much…


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WIlliam F. Martin Camp book found



I know you all will be as happy as I am when I tell you that I got a great call from Wanda Stiles at the museum (MOA) on Friday.  We played phone tag once or twice but finally made the connection.  She told me that they had recently (that day) found the Martin Camp book referenced by Elliott, that I mentioned in a previous post.


Praise be that the item is right where it should be.  Now, I hope to get to see it soon.


Three cheers for…


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The die is cast

Had a nice long chat with the news reporter this morning. We covered a lot of ground and he was very excited about doing a story on the Fletcher Post. It should run this Sunday (November 14). The following Saturday it is our great hope that folks will come in to share their family stories with us - that is the 20th.

Everybody keep his or her fingers crossed, throw any split salt over your left shoulder, nail a horse shoe open-side up over any door (if you have a horse shoe and a door),… Continue

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National Archives - fruits and nuts

I had a few moments to spend in the National Archives recently - and I forgot what a challenge that can be. Timed pulls and limits on quantity or number of records works to hamper the researcher who has only an afternoon to give to the cause. Nonetheless I was able to check six pension records of USCT from Fletcher Post. I am still sorting that information.

So the fruits are that the NA in DC is the mother lode in terms of materials. The nuts are the stringent rules that curb research… Continue

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Beginnings of the Fletcher Post ...

President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862. The intent was to free slaves in any state in rebellion against the federal government. A state could show it was not in rebellion by having a duly elected official in the US Congress. Although North Carolina would try to elect

such an official (and fail), the man in charge of local United States forces in Elizabeth City when the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation was…


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Fletch Post in the Daily Advance


I am in contact with a reporter at the Daily Advance and am working with him to get a story in the paper. he seemed receptive to the idea and we are trying to make some plans. I made sure to include Bruce and Don Pendergraft and also mention Wendell Small.

If all goes through I hope to get a human interest story in the press and see if we can't shake the descendant tree and see if anyone falls out! My thought is to do a history gathering day - collect family histories,… Continue

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America's Wetland


One of our members has a new book out. Roy T. Sawyer has a book just published under the title America's Wetland. It ranges over the Va/NC wetlands system and centers on the Tyrrell/ Hyde peninsula. I have been enjoying my copy and can highly recommend it. Its almost like talking to Roy - but not quite as much fun as having a nice chat with him.

If you thought you knew the Albemarle you just might be in for a few surprises!


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