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National Archives - fruits and nuts

I had a few moments to spend in the National Archives recently - and I forgot what a challenge that can be. Timed pulls and limits on quantity or number of records works to hamper the researcher who has only an afternoon to give to the cause. Nonetheless I was able to check six pension records of USCT from Fletcher Post. I am still sorting that information.

So the fruits are that the NA in DC is the mother lode in terms of materials. The nuts are the stringent rules that curb research… Continue

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Beginnings of the Fletcher Post ...

President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862. The intent was to free slaves in any state in rebellion against the federal government. A state could show it was not in rebellion by having a duly elected official in the US Congress. Although North Carolina would try to elect

such an official (and fail), the man in charge of local United States forces in Elizabeth City when the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation was…


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Fletch Post in the Daily Advance


I am in contact with a reporter at the Daily Advance and am working with him to get a story in the paper. he seemed receptive to the idea and we are trying to make some plans. I made sure to include Bruce and Don Pendergraft and also mention Wendell Small.

If all goes through I hope to get a human interest story in the press and see if we can't shake the descendant tree and see if anyone falls out! My thought is to do a history gathering day - collect family histories,… Continue

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