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Finally found a group of possible living relatives of a USCT and GAR guy

I have been trying to find living people who had a USCT or African American soldier or sailor as an ancestor.  Doing reverse genealogy is not as easy as genealogy (genealogy goes from what you know backward to the next earlier generation - reverse genealogy takes a historical figure and tries to find kids, grand kids, etc.).


I have found a group of descendants for Riley G. Lee, Co. F, 35th USCT.

Riley G. Lee marries Sarah A. Harris circa 1879



Serena Carter Lee b. May 1893 d. 1935 married Henry A. Mackey 1921


Grand daughter

Sarah Edith Mackey b. 24 Oct 1924 d. 18 Sept 1970 married Ceclephus Everett 1952


Great grand children

Ceclephus Lee Everett b. 1954

Cheryl Anita Everett b. 1957

Michael Bernard Everett b. 1960

Angela Edith Everett b. 1963


I do not remember going to school with the Everetts - the youngest child Angela would have been in my class or a class behind (depending on when in 1963 she was born).


I am going home to check my yearbooks and see if I can find any of them.  I wonder if anyone of them are in the phone book!?!?!?!


Sorry, I am excited is all,



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Comment by Bruce Long on May 5, 2011 at 11:48pm
David definitely knew Ceclephus. Right. Melissa. Band. Majorette? Memory growing dim....
Comment by Chris Meekins on May 5, 2011 at 11:24pm

Maybe he knew my sister Melissa :o)  She is the eldest - or her husband Charles Williams.  The only Marsha I know is on the Brady Bunch!

Maybe Dave Albert knows Ceclephus if he was in the band...

Comment by Bruce Long on May 5, 2011 at 9:28pm
Since he was one of the first to integrate the Elizabeth City School system, he might have known your mother as a teacher. His brother or oldest sister might have known Cindy or Marsha. Ceclephus was in the band.
Comment by Chris Meekins on May 5, 2011 at 6:36pm
I sent a message to the Ceclephus Everett in GA.  Maybe he will respond to it - positively!
Comment by Bruce Long on May 5, 2011 at 4:01pm
I played ball with Ceclephus at the Boys Club and graduated with him from Northeastern. Small world! I didn't find him or his brother in the phone book. He hung around with John Blount, who was teaching in Hertford County when I moved back to EC 15 years ago. John's father, John Sr., lives on Roanoke Avenue and used to run Blount's Confectionary on The Chute. He would be in his late eighties. (He was one of my customers.) 252-338-6874. He would know the Everetts' whereabouts most likely, especially if the girls married and are still in EC.

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It looks like there are a plenty of new reads for Civil War buffs in northeastern North Carolina!


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