Civil War in NE North Carolina

Burnside's Expedition and beyond

New Civil War Trails signage at South Mills locks

The CWT sign at the South Mills locks has been updated.

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Comment by Bruce Long on June 28, 2018 at 8:20pm

Burroughs was captured in November 1863 and put on trial. The Princess Anne guerrilla companies took part in the September 1863 bridge burnings to keep Confederate citizens from establishing trade with the Union forces headquartered in Norfolk; this trade was begun by Naglee, Union military commander of Norfolk.

Comment by Chris Meekins on June 28, 2018 at 8:58am

The object was in no small part to show these men could fight or carry off a raid - Onderdonk and other US cavalry had successful rides (meaning they were not captured) through the region.  There was another ride, little mentioned or even acknowledged, through SEVA in November 1863 trying to catch the guerrilla resistance in that area - Burroughs, I believe (or Coffee - sorry I don't have that in front of me).  This was Draper's first run in with Weed near Hickory Grounds - where Weed pressed charges (before the White daughter incident in December).  Heck, everything post-Burnside was retributive and damaging by all groups involved.  War is Hell, or so I have been told.  Their actions may have been damaging or punitive but the origin of the mission lay elsewhere, IMHO.

I am glad you took him to task.  

Comment by Bruce Long on June 21, 2018 at 9:30pm

I talked to the guy that wrote the text. He wasn't about to change anything because he would have to reformat things. I took him to task about several things. One fourth of the text is about the 3rd Georgians walking past the lock in Dec. 1861 en route to Norfolk from Roanoke Island, yet he doesn't mention the 3rd Georgians being in the battle of South Mills. 

Punitive? Well, Wild was trying to rid the area of guerrillas, so yes. They had burned all of the bridges in Camden, Currituck, Norfolk, and Princess Anne counties, captured the Emily and the Arrow, captured the J.B. White and burned the dredge she was towing, etc. I think Wild was scavenging for recruits as much as anything..

Comment by Chris Meekins on June 21, 2018 at 8:35pm

Punitive?  Hmmm, intending punishment? How did that get in there?


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